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Knowledge society demands transmission of knowledge across all sectors
of society breaking the geographical barriers. It aims to facilitate the best quality education and intellectually satisfying learning experience to every learner. The concept and technology of Distributed Classroom, therefore,
is implemented so as to resolve the ‘last mile’ problem of good and quality education.

Objective is to make the best teachers, domain experts, scholars from renowned educational institutions accessible to the learners distributed
at many locations: including rurban, semiurban, rural and tribal areas.

Usually a distributed classroom requires high bandwidth for audio-video streaming, costly advanced technologies for audio-video-data
transmission, archives and playback of multiple streams and shared workspace. However, MKCL has deployed two distinct modes of the distributed classroom (Broadband based Video Conferencing Solution and Dialup Based Distributed Classroom Solution)

If you need Virtual Classrooms services / consultation in your organisation, MKCL can help you design, deploy and maintain your this service.

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Broadband based Video Conferencing Solution

Dialup Based Distributed Classroom Solution


Full TV Quality Video Conferencing

Only Two way Audio / Data Collaboration (Webcam can be connected for Video support)


Requires minimum 256 Kbps Bandwidth per location (Broadband Connection)

Requires minimum 30 Kbps Bandwidth per location (Dialup Connection)*


Requires High End Video Conferencing Devices

Required a simple computer with a Headphone and Mic


Connectivity through IP and ISDN is supported

Only IP Connectivity is supported


Separate Recording and Streaming System is required to Archive and Play Back Sessions / Lectures.

In Built Recording and Playback of Sessions / Lectures is available

Without Webcam Video


Broadband based Video Conferencing Solution

Dialup Based Distributed Classroom Solution



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